Ash parquet is a very effective floor covering, which is becoming more and more popular now. The secret of such success is that ash has excellent strength indicators that are not inferior even to the beloved oak. Ash wood used to be used mainly for the manufacture of weapons, now from it create a beautiful piece of parquet.
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Characteristics of ash parquet
The qualitative characteristics of this type of flooring allow it to be used in rooms for various purposes. The resistance of ash wood to high levels of humidity, at which it does not change its linear dimensions, is very much appreciated. That is why ash parquet can be used even in the kitchen, where increased demands are placed on floor coverings. For those who prefer the combined floor in the kitchen, you can recommend a combination of parquet with ceramic tiles, the surface of which imitates wood.

Ash parquet is one of the most spectacular flooring, because it has the ability to change its color depending on the intensity of illumination and the angle of incidence of light. In the sun on the floor appear golden glare. Ash-tree slats in a combination with lamels from other wood look very interesting.

Ash parquet is famous for its high ornamental, annual rings are clearly visible in the section. The operational and decorative characteristics of the coating largely depend on the location of the ash tree.

The advantages and disadvantages of ash parquet
The main advantages of using ash wood as lumber for parquet is its resistance to cracking and the effects of non-corrosive acids. With proper care, flooring can last more than 100 years. If we talk about the shortcomings, we should highlight the main of them - the susceptibility of wood to various bacterial diseases and low heat resistance.