Equipment for the production of parquet - what use?
To adjust the process, you need socialized equipment for the production of parquet or floorboard.
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The most important
  • sawmill with mechanized supply of raw materials;
  • sharpening and adjustable equipment for saws;
  • dryer (with several modes of drying);
  • moisture meters;
  • parquet line - the basis of production (includes tenon and 4-side planing machine);
  • preparatory carpentry site.
In addition to the equipment for the production of parquet, you need to think about the location and arrangement of the room where the work will take place. For a start, there will be enough space of 200 square meters.
If it is not possible to place all the equipment in the room, part of it is located outside of it, for example, the sawmill site can be placed outside the workshop, providing for a shed. And for the storage of round timber is not required even a canopy.

The cost per square meter of parquet consists of 60% of raw materials, 15% of the cost of electricity. The rest is the cost of employee remuneration. In general, the profitability of the parquet production business is at least 15%.

And finally, when purchasing raw materials for the manufacture of parquet made of natural wood (usually oak and ash), it is worth remembering the documents confirming its quality. Required blanks should come with radiation safety certificates and hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health. Only certified raw materials can result in certified flooring.

In conclusion, we note that the production technology of parquet and piece parquet is practically identical for each manufacturer. There are differences, but only in the sequence of steps and methods of processing. Manufacturers 'attitude to the process of material production with control or lack thereof at each stage also differs.