Nuts grow in the countries of Southern Europe, Asia, America, Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus. Walnut is a tall tree, it has a very lush crown, gray bark and loves warmth. The wood has a gray-brown color with slight dark patches and light gray sapwood.
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Walnut wood has the following properties:
  • Elasticity;
  • Ease;
  • Hardness;
  • Resistance to deformation;
  • Does not crack during drying.
The most valuable are the parts of the tree that are closest to the ground or even under the surface of the earth. Tuber parts are of excellent quality and the most valuable veneer is made of them.

It is important to know that the nut, despite its high density, is perfectly amenable to any kind of processing: cutting, grinding, bending. Wood always has an excellent texture and has a decorative effect. The walnut floor has a very pleasant smell and the ability to retain heat. It is because of this property that the nut is often used in the "warm floor" systems.

Due to its properties, walnut has become very popular in construction - it is used in the production of flooring. The walnut floor has always been distinguished by its durability, since wood is resistant to rot and fungus. Wood for the floor is chosen with special care. Any kind of knots, growths, or areas that are discolored are immediately eliminated. The breed perfectly sticks together and is screwed with screws. Also, the nut perfectly holds the paint, etched and polished. Each board goes through several stages of drying under the strict control of experts.

In addition, the walnut board has a beautiful color, which over time becomes more saturated and bright. In order to decorate, some boards are specially treated by steaming. This is done so that the sound wood is further darkened. All this gives the walnut board a unique charm and refinement.

Walnut floorboard is perfect for those people who want to bring something special into their interior. A variety of rich colors will decorate any home. Even the most unexpected colors that designers can think of are easily solved with a nut.

Walnut wood has always been considered one of the symbols of wealth and longevity. The material has an excellent texture and looks extremely beautiful. Any room with such a floor has a noble look. Also, a parquet floor made of walnut visually increases the floor space.

Over the years, the walnut floor does not completely change its color and becomes more solid, and heterogeneous ornate patterns will delight you and your loved ones. The walnut floor will be the best decoration of the guest room, study, as well as any other room in the house.