Varieties of parquet.

The first type of parquet - piece. The coating of such a parquet consists of planks with grooves and spikes, which in turn are interconnected, forming one holistic design. This parquet is made of hardwood. The thickness of the slats varies from 15 to 22 mm, the length of the slats is 50 cm, and the thickness is 7.5 cm.

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The second type of parquet is inlaid parquet (or mosaic).

The name of the parquet was due to the fact that the panels with dimensions of 40x40 or 60x60 cm contain a set of different strips with different shades. The thickness of such strips 8-12mm. In complete assembly, this type of flooring will be a rather interesting and special mosaic (it is also possible to lay out pictures). The back side of the mosaic parquet is protected by special paper, which must be removed after the entire coating has been laid. It is permissible to glue sound insulation to the underside of such a parquet.

The next type of parquet is palace parquet (or artistic).

Such parquet is one of the most expensive types of flooring. Such a parquet combines a large number of bends and various weaves, and in the collection such a parquet represents not just a drawing, but a work of art. Most often this type of parquet is acquired by wealthy people who have a large living space. In order to make the floor of art parquet commissioned by the owner of the house, it is necessary to make all the measurements that are possible.

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